Welcome to my indie music support site! My goal is to provide tools and resources for helping musicians and recording artists to empower themselves. I've interviewed enough independent musicians to know that when you have talent and work hard, you can make music your day job. I wrote I Don't Need a Record Deal! Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution to provide a comprehensive guide for making a living from musical talents. Visit the websites of the artists I interviewed and support them. Indies need to support each other!! That's how revolutions get won.

I'm not against taking a record deal IF it gives you a lot more than you can give yourself. But chasing record labels is usually a frustrating effort. I HATE seeing good talent go to waste! Record deals can kill many more careers than they launch. A majority of artists sign a deal and wait for their music to take off. And wait. And wait. Sometimes the record never even hits stores. If there is promotion, it's usually minimal.

When major label artists sells 20,000 CDs, or even 200,000 CDs, they're treated like failures. When indies sell those numbers, they celebrate. I encourage you to develop your career first to give yourself more leverage to get a deal that will advance your career. Or, you may realize that the best career is an independent one. I do consulting on the phone if you need some personal guidance. consulting@daylle.com

The indie music revolution has just begun! As David Ippolito, also known as "that guitar man from Central Park," says in my book, "I feel like independent artists are in the front covered wagon in a whole new frontier." Join the other indie artist pioneers who are blazing musical trails by happily controlling their own destiny. Consumers are noticing that the best music is coming from indie artists, whose market share keeps growing as labels tank. Prepare to declare your own personal declaration of independence! I hope that you'll use the resources on this site to join the revolution. Long live indie music!

Keep your passions strong!


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"After interviewing Daylle Deanna Schwartz for my radio show, "Music Highway", and experiencing her intense passion and immense knowledge for helping aspiring musicians create fulfilling music careers on their own, I only wish she had of been around years ago. All she offers and the "easy to grasp and apply" manner in which she teaches would have certainly started the indie music revolution years before it started. With Daylle's knowledge, experience, and willingness to share what she knows there is no excuse for any musician not to find fulfillment in a career of their own." --Ron Haney; producer; Music Highway radio show (Rock 92.3, WYNU-FM Clear Channel), Jackson, TN





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