Gregory Abbott - a platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer who was signed to Columbia Records and chose to be independent.

Matt Allison - an independent folk/pop artist who owns and runs Upside Down Records out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Robby Baier - signed to BMG Ariola in Germany; now independent, both solo and with his band Melodrome.

George Baum - half of the Christian duo (with Michael Bridges), Lost And Found. They released their first album in 1980 and have been performing together ever since.

Clint Black - signed to RCA Records for almost 15 years. His path is now independent with his own label, Equity Music Group

Canjoe John - builds, sells and plays the canjoe, a one stringed musical instrument with one tuner key, 10 frets and the string pulled through a 12 oz beverage can as the resonator.

Cari Cole - an independent artist and voice teacher.

Clare Cooper - a singer/songwriter and has found many ways to use her musical talents as a full time independent artist.

Jennie DeVoe - a full time singer/songwriter who's run her own Rubin the Cat Records since 1998.

Pat Dinizio - has been lead singer/guitarist for the Smithereens for over 25 years and now tours extensively through the living room concert series he developed.

Danielle Egnew - a solo artist who is also the front woman for Pope Jane.

Kyler England - a full time singer/songwriter who tours and often opens for top acts.

Lorraine Ferro - a singer/songwriter who signed to EMI for her songwriting and plays in a big variety of venues and situations.

MC Forge - part of the hip hop group Little Egypt, touring colleges and festivals.

Mary Gauthier - a singer/songwriter who tours the world and her music is licensed internationally.

Marly Hornik - a pop/rock singer/songwriter who tours the country and sells her CD.

Tor Hyams - a singer/songwriter who found his niche in composing for film and television.

David Ippolito - known as "that Guitar Man from Central Park" after playing in the same spot since 1992 and making a full time living from his music from it.

Michael Jonathan - an acoustic folk singer who's earned a full time from his music since 1985 and the founder of Woodsongs, an internationally syndicated radio show.

Christine Kane - a singer-songwriter who tours the country and sells her CD since 1995.

Eric Kaye - creative director/executive producer for The Lodge, a songwriter and also part of the band, The Strines.

Justin Lassen - sees himself as a digital symphonist/ composer in classical/pop/rock/alt/electronic music and also sings, remixes and produces.

Jennifer Marks - has been performing as a solo artist and put out her first CD in 1998.

Daniel Lee Martin - a country music singer whose records are released on Chin Music, a label founded by major league ball players investors who believe in Martin.

Corky McClerkin - a pianist who plays hard bebop, soul jazz and contemporary jazz full time. http//

DJ Minx - founded Women on Wax with a group of other female DJs which holds events in Detroit for showcasing up and coming female talent and has performed all over the world.

Ezina Moore - a rock/R&B artist who's sold over15,000 CD's and toured around the world.

Zak Morgan - writes, records, and performs children's music and was nominated for a Grammy in 2004.

Lisa O'Kane - a country artist who has an established   touring and recording career independently in Europe.

Dorothy Potter - a guitarist, composer and songwriter who began making music professionally in 1990 and made it a full time living in 2002.

Preech-Man - started rhyming for money when he was 16 and has opened up for many other artists, including DMX.

Hamish Richardson - lead singer of the Australian band BROTHER, who began in the US by busking and have now sold over 200,000 records and tour extensively.

Adam Richman - a singer/songwriter, who broke in through the college market, doing 100-150 gigs a year.

Evan R. Saffer - lead singer of FIXER, which began in 2000 and now tours extensively. http//

Rachael Sage - a singer/songwriter with a full time label manager and 3 part timers to back up her national and international touring and CD sales (about 35,000 so far).

Anton Sanko - one of the first musicians to master sampling technology and became a highly sought after keyboard player and programmer. He now provides scores for film and TV.

Dean Seltzer - left his day job in 1996 and continues to tour the country and market his CD.

Michelle Shocked - left Mercury Records and kept her recording and touring career going independently through her own label, Mighty Sound Records.

Speech - in the hip hop group, Arrested Development, which was signed to EMI Records in the 90's. Since EMI closed, he developed a solo career as well as continuing to record and tour with the group. http//

Howie Statland - a singer/songwriter who made three records for RCA; now has a band, NYSmoke, and records and tours independently full time.

Suzanne Teng - a new age music artist with a specialty in the flute.

Barbara Tucker - a singer and dancer who had dance hits with Strictly Rhythm. She now executive produces her own projects and has promoted the Underground Network.

Visual Poet - part of hip hop group Little Egypt (See DJ Forge).

Jonathan Williams - in the UK hip hop act, Hoodz Underground, who have received consistent high profile media coverage, and runs Trackshicker Records, the label their music is released on.

Beth Wood - a singer/songwriter who tours all over the country and has performed with top artists.

Mark Wood - an electric violinist who's won platinum records and gold records. He now composes for television and has a music library of his original compositions.

Alex Woodard - a singer/songwriter who has earned a full time living for years by putting out his CDs and performing in a variety of venues.


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